BRUNSWICK STREET GALLERY LEVEL 1 & 2, 322 BRUNSWICK STREET FITZROY, VIC 3065, AUSTRALIA 4 – 17 MARCH 2020 Of The Anthropocene considers the shifting and inseparable landscapes of self and the environment within this time of ecological change. Addressing eco-anxiety and the complexities of living on stolen land, the collection of paintings redress the balance of the human figure within its surrounding space - with the figure negotiating within its environment. SOLO EXHIBITION
93260 LES LILAS, PARIS, FRANCE 16 - 30 NOVEMBER, 2019 Eternally Present In Absence articulates a body of paintings by Julia Vanderbyl created over a year in Paris. Her practice is based on a profound interest in false dichotomies, with her most recent work considering the relationships of absence / presence, transience / permanence, and beauty / grief. Hovering between figuration and abstraction, her paintings contain human figures emerging from within landscapes or alternatively, place symbols of the natural world, home, place and loss within large scale portraits. The ever-evolving merging of bodies and landscapes allow Vanderbyl to to develop a distinctive iconographic language that combines our contemporary understandings of human transience and loss with a deeper ethos of ancestral ties and the presence that is enacted within absence. SOLO EXHIBITION
BRUNSWICK STREET GALLERY LEVEL 1 & 2, 322 BRUNSWICK STREET FITZROY, VIC 3065, AUSTRALIA 22 NOVEMBER – 4 DECEMBER 2019 An exhibition about the uniquely transformative experience of the cusp of adulthood, Youth Group presents works by artists between the ages of 18-25 years old that respond to themes concerning their generation – illuminating us to the passionate, thoughtful and diverse people who will go on to define the new world. GROUP EXHIBITION
DIGITAL EXHIBITION 21 MAY - 18 JULY 2020 For The Meaning of Things, Craft presents a vibrant cabinet of curiosities showcasing eclectic objects and artworks from makers’ personal collections. Accompanying stories share a glimpse into each object’s significance. Exploring objects as vessels of emotion and meaning, The Meaning of Things presents pieces that are either handcrafted or connected to handmade practice. Objects include treasured pieces, much loved tools, found objects by unknown makers, family heirlooms and gifts from fellow makers! GROUP EXHIBITION
BRUNSWICK STREET GALLERY LEVEL 1 & 2, 322 BRUNSWICK STREET FITZROY, VIC 3065, AUSTRALIA 22 NOVEMBER – 4 DECEMBER 2019 With the warmest months of the year approaching, offering time away from the indoors and allowing ourselves to experience things in the open air brings within it a unique wave of creative inspiration. Open Air exhibits artists creating works outside of the four walls of the studio – gathering inspiration directly from the surrounding environment, showcasing different ways of capturing the perceptual and social experiences of creating outdoors. GROUP EXHIBITION
HOUSE CONSPIRACY 42 MOLLISON STREET, WEST END, QLD 4012 House Conspiracy presents this showcase of artworks that explore and push the boundaries of portraiture, an elusive genre through which artists seek to represent self or another, embracing the internal and external qualities of the subject. For this showcase, the current cycle of artists have produced works in a range of media including sculpture, installation, paper, painting and concrete. Current artist in residence Julia Vanderbyl employs the more traditional medium of painting to create portraits that present various counter-gazes, with a focus on individual storytelling and negotiated identities. GROUP EXHIBITION